BEYUL Intensive Spot Cream

Product Description

Boosted with multi-active anti-oxidants, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this intensive formulation provides your skin with a more targeted and concentrated treatment. Best for night usage to revitalize and restore skin’s nutrients.

When to use: Day (AM) and/or Night (PM)

RP RM194.00


Asiatic Pennywort Extract

Known as ‘Tiger Grass’ in South Korea, it’s known for great soothing functions.

Pomegranate Extracts

Rich in antioxidants, this ingredient helps to fight and repair skin from radical damage and other environmental stress factors such as hyperpigmentation and age spots.


Formulated using potent anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, this spot cream is the saviour for your blemishes, acne and inflammation.

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to sensitive and fragile skin areas or the entire face, pat gently until fully absorbed.