BEFit4U is the latest and greatest fitness management tool for your BE Fit 90 Days Challenge, brought to you exclusively by BE International Sdn Bhd. From monitoring your overall health profile to your daily calorie intake, BEFit4U does them all. With BEFit4U, you can keep track of your partner’s progress during the challenge and your own without losing track. Take advantage of its health reminder feature to take on the BE Fit 90 Days Challenge like a champion. Losing weight, and getting fit has never been this easy.

Download now and get fit with BEFit4U!

Step-by-Step Guide


Log in with your BE4U IBO ID Number and Password.


After reading the instructions, click “Start Now”.


Click “Start Now” at the current on-going season.


Key in your Invoice Number (eg. MYOS-WSxxxxxxxxxx)


Key in your Partner’s IBO ID Number. OR click “Accept” when your partner sends you invitation.


Fill in all your Personal Information, Body Information & upload your “Before” Photos, Video & a screenshot of your “Like” of our social media page.

A Summary will then appear, click “Confirm & Submit”.


If the pairing is successful, your BE Fit 90 Days Challenge will begin as Day 1.


If the pairing is unsuccessful, you will have to re-enter another IBO ID Number.


Once the Challenge starts, you are encouraged to key in your daily results by clicking at the calendar below.


You may also record your daily calorie intake.


You and your partner can monitor each other’s progress and motivate one another throughout the 90 Day Journey.


On Day 90th, click at the “Update” button to key in your Final results.


Fill in and upload your “After” body results, photos, video and story in 250-500 words.

After confirmation and submission, you may share your proud transformation results to other platforms.