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The personality of BEYANG

‘BEYANG’ takes its inspiration from the sun (‘阳 – yang), which gives a warm, fresh and youthful energy. The brand creates a sense of stability and wholesomeness which is suitable for products widely used on a daily basis.


Like the sun, BEYANG is energetic and robust; able to provide the best quality products for the daily and personal use of its customers


BEYANG is a brand focused on the health, hygiene and wellness of its customers; using high quality ingredients and advanced formulation for a wholesome lifestyle


A brand which consistently creates safe and high-quality products for the daily consumption of its customers


BEYANG Delicate Laundry Wash

BEYANG Delicate Laundry Wash is a concentrated delicate liquid laundry with the perfect formulation of gentle and mild ingredients


BEYANG Caffe is formulated with the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to provide the indulgent flavour profile of coffee.

BEYANG Intimate Foam Wash

Intimate Foam Wash is specially formulated to enhance your intimate hygiene experience through its ultra-fine and soft foam texture

BEYANG Rejuvenating Handcrafted Soap Bar

Unlike any other soap, this handcrafted artisan soap is purely natural and toxin-free.

BEYANG Brightening Handcrafted Soap Bar

Pearls are known to be one of nature’s best brightening agents, which is why this soap was created.

BEYANG Nourishing Handcrafted Soap Bar

This soap was crafted to cater to everyone from all walks of life, with basic ingredients that not only soothe the skin, but hydrates it…