Beyul Hydrating Foam Cleanser

– 120g
Product Description

The first step of your daily skincare routine! Suitable for men and women, it is a ‘must-have’ for a thoroughly cleansed and refreshed skin.

When to use: Day (AM) and Night (PM)

RP RM194.00


Myristic Acid

A fatty acid that not only effectively dissolves oil & dirt but leaves skin refreshed, smooth and moisturized after wash as well.

Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate

An amino acid based cleansing agent that is known to have a great foaming texture that is most compatible with our skin without wearing off our skin.


Formulated using BEYUL’s patented ingredient γ-PGA which contains 100 times the benefits of HA and other botanical ingredients, this Hydrating foam cleanser gently washes away skin impurities by dissolving oil and dirt without stripping away skin moisture, leaving the skin refreshed and moisturized!

How to use: Wet the face and hands, take an appropriate amount of cleanser on the palms of the hands, lather into foam, massage it along the skin texture, and then rinse with water.