BEYUL Knowledge Base


Is it safe for teenagers?

Yes, BEYUL Skincare Series is suitable for both genders, all ages and all skin types.

Can I use BEYUL skincare during pregnancy?

Yes, the BEYUL Skincare Series contains safe ingredients so it may be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can I mix BEYUL products with other products?
It is recommended that you use the BEYUL Skincare Series on its own, as it uses a proprietary Push & Pull Regeneration Process Technology that may be less effective when mixed with other products.
After using the BEYUL Skincare Series, can I still do facials?
Yes! You can still continue with your monthly facial to enhance and maintain the beauty of your skin.
Since BEYUL Hydro Ampoule is so good for hydration, can I skip my moisturiser and just use this?

No, we do not recommend skipping any steps of your daily basic skincare routine as this will greatly affect your skin condition. The BEYUL Hydro Ampoule contains intense hydration agents to provide instant and long-lasting skin hydration, and we recommend using it before your moisturiser. By skipping your moisturiser, you may dehydrate your skin because it acts as a protection layer to prevent water loss from the skin surface, whereas the ampoule is only a booster.

Can I skip sunscreen?

No, it is compulsory in order to protect your skin from UV rays that cause skin aging problems like wrinkles, dark circles and pigmentation. It is not wise to skip sunscreen.

How many times should I use the mask?
We suggest using the mask at least 2-3 times a week to maintain your skin moisture levels.
What is the best water temperature for me to cleanse my face?
Use warm water to wet your face before using a cleanser, as this opens up the pores to discard any impurities. After cleansing, rinse with cold water in order to close back the pores. This way, your skin will always be clean and flawless!
Do I need to remove my makeup before using a cleanser?
The best way to clean your face is through double cleansing. Therefore, use BEYUL Hydrating Foam Cleanser only after removing your makeup.
Since BEYUL uses the Push & Pull Regeneration Process technology, how soon can I see the results?

It works at different rates for different skin, but because our natural skin cycle generates new layers every 28 days, you should begin seeing positive effects on your skin within this time if you continue to use the BEYUL skincare range regularly. However, bear in mind that your skin condition also depends on various factors like skin type, health condition, diet and lifestyle.