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Why should I choose BElixz SHIRUTO?

BElixz SHIRUTO is formulated with a unique and scientifically proven active ingredient IP-PA1 and synergistic nutrients such as Vitamin C and β-glucan to support overall health.

Is BElixz SHIRUTO suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and is it Halal certified?

Yes, BElixz SHIRUTO is a 100% plant-based functional food that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. BElixz SHIRUTO is also certified HALAL by the Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA) – a Halal certification body from Japan recognised by JAKIM.

Where is BElixz SHIRUTO manufactured?

BElixz SHIRUTO is manufactured in and imported from Japan. It was awarded the Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Award in 2019.

What is the recommended age and number of sachets for children to consume BElixz SHIRUTO?

Children aged three and above can begin taking BElixz SHIRUTO. The recommended serving size is one sachet per day for general well-being.

Is BElixz SHIRUTO a gluten-free product?

Yes, BElixz SHIRUTO is a gluten-free product.


Why should I choose BElixz BEFIL?

The formulation of BElixz BEFIL is designed and made with the consultation with a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Ferid Murad. He received the Nobel Prize in Medicine (1998) on the research on nitric oxide. Thus, this recognition acknowledged him as the expert in this health and medicine domain. With his consultation in the development of BElixz BEFIL, it makes BElixz BEFIL stands out from the crowd!

How does BElixz BEFIL benefits my health? Why do I need to take BElixz BEFIL daily?

BElixz BEFIL is a spectacular and remarkable daily supplement beverage that contains widely studies ingredients which could support and provide a better health throughout many bodily functions. The central of the product is the nitric oxide (NO) production boosted by the ingredients contained in BElixz BEFIL. As the amount of NO has increased, many body functionality could be enhanced as well, including: promoting the growth and maintenance of cells and tissues, as well as blood flow.

Who may be benefited from BElixz BEFIL?

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts – L-Arginine supplements are a favourite in the athletic community because of the nitric oxide it creates in the body. Nitric oxide has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue, improve endurance levels, increase energy, speed up recovery rates, and increased use of glucose (which means burning body fat). On top of all of these naturally enhancing health benefits, L-Arginine has been shown to trigger the production of proteins in the body. It also has been shown to increase lean muscle mass. Thus, arginine enhances fat burning effect, build muscle, and improve performance.

Aging individuals – Endothelial cells are the linings of our arteries and our blood vessels, and these cells need arginine in order to create enough nitric oxide to maintain healthy blood circulation. Research suggests that our ability to produce nitric oxide decreases as we age and taking arginine supplements can possibly counteract that.

Vegans and vegetarians – Sometimes it is hard with a vegan diet to ensure that you are eating enough dietary protein. An L-Arginine supplement can help ensure that your body is getting enough amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.

How do I consume BElixz BEFIL?

Dissolve 1 sachet of BElixz BEFIL into 150ml of water and stir well before drink.

Are the pregnant women and children suitable to consume BElixz BEFIL?

We do not recommend any of the pregnant women and children to take BElixz BEFIL.

How do I keep it?

You may store it in cool and dry place and ensure that it is away from heat and direct sunlight.

Where is BElixz BEFIL manufactured? Is it a local product?

BElixz BEFIL is fully imported from the United States.

How many sachets are packed in one BElixz BEFIL?

Each box of BElixz BEFIL contains 15 sachets and each sachet is in 20g.

BElixz SlendezMeal

Who are suitable to consume BElixz SlendezMeal?

Generally, everyone gets to enjoy the health benefits of BElixz SlendezMeal. However, if you wanted to be precise, there are actually few targeted groups. The main targeted individuals are those who always busy and do not have enough time to consume their meals. BElixz SlendezMeal is a meal replacement which is suitable for the busy go-getter, such as office workers. BElixz SlendezMeal can be prepared and ready to served within a few minutes. This makes the perfect solution for them.

Second, it is meant for those who wants to maintain a healthy body weight. lastly, athletes can enjoy SlendezMeal to enhance their energy level and endurance too!

How do I consume BElixz SlendezMeal?

Our recommended method is to mix one sachet of BElixz SlendezMeal with 250ml of warm water and shake it well with a shaker jar before consuming it. You may add your favourite fresh fruits or vegetables to the blend to suit your personal taste.

Can BElixz SlendezMeal be used as the protein supplement?

Although BElixz SlendezMeal contains decent amount of protein in it, it does not have the same content as those protein supplements. If you are a gym enthusiast and you want to consume BElixz SlendezMeal and build more muscle at the same time, you may add in your personal protein powder to increase the amount of protein intake. This is because BElixz SlendezMeal is a balanced meal replacement that every ingredient is perfectly calculated and distributed.

Are children and pregnant women allowed to consume BElixz SlendezMeal?

Yes, as mentioned that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of a balanced nutrients from BElixz SlendezMeal. However, please notice that children and pregnant women require more nutrients than other individuals to secure their steady growth and development. Thus, it is advised that these two groups of individuals to consume a proper, fresh and well-balanced meals.

I’m lactose intolerance, can I consume BElixz SlendezMeal?

Yes, you are safe to consume BElixz SlendezMeal as it does not contain any lactose component.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan, can I consume BElixz SlendezMeal?

Yes, BElixz SlendezMeal does not contain any meat product.

How many sachets are packed in one box of BElixz SlendezMeal?

There are 15 sachets in a box of BElixz SlendezMeal.


Why do I need to take BElixz MAQNIFIQ?

Collagen depletion and hormonal aging happen as our age increases. Thus, it helps to boost and preserve the youthness of our skin for a firmer, smoother, radiant and glowing skin!

How do I consume BElixz MAQNIFIQ?

Our recommended consumption method is to dissolve 1 sachet into 100ml water and stir well before drinking. For the adults in 25 to 35 years old, we recommend to consume BElixz MAQNIFIQ twice per day, 1 sachet at the morning and the second sachet at night. If you are 36 years old and above, or always exposed to sunlight, you are recommended to consume 4 sachets per day (2 sachets at morning, 2 sachets at night).

Do I consume BElixz MAQNIFIQ before or after meal?

It does not have a significant difference whether a person takes it before or after meal. However, we suggest that avoid taking a heavy meal before consuming BElixz MAQNIFIQ to have its best effect.

I’m a vegetarian, can I consume BElixz MAQNIFIQ?

BElixz MAQNIFIQ contains fish collagen. Hence, we do not recommend any vegetarian to consume BElixz MAQNIFIQ.

Where is BElixz MAQNIFIQ manufactured? Is it imported from other country?

BElixz MAQNIFIQ is manufactured in Malaysia. However, its active ingredients are imported from Spain and France.

Is BElixz MAQNIFIQ Halal?

Yes, BElixz MAQNIFIQ is Halal.

How many sachets are packed in 1 box of BElixz MAQNIFIQ?

Each box of BElixz MAQNIFIQ contains 30 individual sachets, each sachet is in 8g.

BElixz SlendGlow

Where is BElixz SlendGlow manufactured?

BElixz SlendGlow is manufactured in Japan.

Is BElixz SlendGlow suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. It is suitable for vegetarians. However, this is not suitable for vegans as BElixz SLENDGLOW contains lactose sourced from cow’s milk.

How do I take BElixz SlendGlow?

Take 1 sachet (4 tablets) once daily after meal.

When is the best time to consume BElixz SlendGlow?

It is suitable to consume at any time of the day and should be taken in conjunction with or after meal.

How can I achieve the best results with BElixz SlendGlow?

If you follow a controlled diet of healthy foods, limit your daily calorie intake and exercise regularly, you will reach your goal in a shorter time

Do I have to exercise to see results?

As with most weight loss supplements, this product was designed to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. This is the best and proven way to lose weight. Exercise and healthy eating are essential for optimal results.

If I am sensitive to caffeine, can I take this?

We do not recommend it for people with caffeine sensitivity because the degree of hypersensitivity to caffeine can vary from person to person; therefore, it is not advisable to consume even though the amount of caffeine in SlendGlow is low.

Are there any warnings for this product?

  • Consult your physician before using this product if you are currently taking any prescription medication or have an ongoing medical condition.
  • Contraindicated for pregnancy and lactation.
  • Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting is present.
  • It is encourage to be taken with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

BElixz ZENCOSO Chewable Ball


Our body requires enzymes to break down and convert food into energy and nutrients, as well as to support all the biochemical reactions in our system. However, as we are getting older, our bodies will start to produce lesser enzymes and we can’t prevent the enzyme depletion. Thus, with BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL, which contains the essence of 98 types of fruits and vegetables from both tropical and temperate (4 seasons) climate countries (Brazil and Japan) that have undergone 8 years of natural fermentation process helps to enhance food and nutrient absorption for overall enzyme activity and better metabolism.

Where is the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL manufactured?

The BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL is manufactured and imported from Japan. The ingredients are from both Brazil and Japan.

Is the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL an FDA certified product?

The BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL is from Japan, so it is manufactured by a GMP factory certified by Japan JHNFA (Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association).


Yes, the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL is certified Halal by Nippon Asia Halal Association.

Are the ingredients in the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL organic?

Not all ingredients in the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL are certified organic, but they are from natural vegetables and fruits that are not genetically modified.

Do I need to keep the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL in the refrigerator after it’s been opened ?

As long as the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL is kept away from heat and direct sunlight, it is not required to be stored in the refrigerator. Normal room temperature is acceptable.

When is the best time to consume BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL?

The recommended time to consume BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL is before or during meals. It is best to take it before meals so the enzymes can be absorbed into the small intestine where the majority of the digestion process occurs. However, do not worry if you have forgotten to take it before your meal as you may take it after as well.

Who can consume BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL?

It is suitable for all age groups to improve metabolism and nutrient absorption. This is especially beneficial if you are a picky eater or vegetable-averse because you could be missing out on a lot of essential nutrients found in various types of fruits and vegetables.

Does the BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL have an MAL number?

The BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL is classified as a food in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong. Therefore, it is registered with the Ministry of Health or Food Registration Bureau in various countries. In Malaysia, if a product is classified as a food, there will be no MAL number.